10 Habits College Entrepreneurs Should Forget at Graduation

Written by Matthew Toren.


You've made it. The finish line. With that degree in hand, now you can finally start the business you've spent years planning, right? Not so fast. After years of cramming for exams and attending class in your pajamas, you may have picked up a few bad habits.

Before you startup, here are 10 habits you should leave in the dorm room:

1. Procrastination

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14 Revealing Signs You Love Your Startup Job

Written by Dharmesh Shah.

love-my-job-small 1

You may not be frequently giving out an embarrassingly gushing smile and you might not write little love notes during your lunch break. But, there are ways to tell if you love your job.

Of course, no job is perfect -- even the best of relationships have their down days. We all have to do things we don't like. I love working at HubSpot, it's the best job I've ever had (but, that's by design). But, even I have "off" days where I'm not spending all my time doing things I absolutely love.

So all of the following may not be the case all of the time. But when you love your job, many of the following should be the case much of the time:

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10 Lessons College Won't Teach You -- But Entrepreneurship Will

Written by Adam Toren.


College is a step toward adulthood for many, but the transition from bachelor's degree to entrepreneur can feel a bit jarring. Keeping your chin up, a stiff upper-lip and other empty clichés everyone says to you can't really prepare you for one really important truth: There isn't a curriculum for adulthood. Knowing this, here are a few changes to expect when you take your first steps away from college and into starting you own business.

1. Attendance is always mandatory.
In college, you may have ditched class or ducked out early and still managed to pass. This isn't going to fly in the startup world. Rain or shine, young treps need to show up and do so in a punctual fashion. Not only will it keep you in the loop of the day-to-day activities but will also set a good example for employees.

2. Scheduling isn't set in stone.
Your Friday morning biology lab is finally over. What a relief. While you may be thanking your lucky stars you don't have to roll out of bed after a crazy night to go and dissect a frog, don't get too excited. Adult life and entrepreneurship means you're beholden to a schedule of necessity rather than attendance sheets. As a young trep, you are the harbinger of your own success, meaning you sometimes will need to ask yourself to come in on a Saturday.

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The Big Myth About Entrepreneurship

Written by David Mielach.


Think entrepreneurs are only in it for the money? Think again. New research has found that entrepreneurs have a number of reasons besides making money for starting their own business.

Entrepreneurs say the freedom to pursue new opportunities is the biggest reason for starting their own business. Additionally, entrepreneurs also say they start their own businesses to follow a personal passion while others say they do so to be their own boss. Making money was a lower priority than all those reasons among entrepreneurs in their decision to start a business.

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To Be a Leader, You Must Know When to Follow

Written by Nathan Grotticelli .


Editor's Note: College 'Treps is a weekly column in which college and graduate school-based entrepreneurs tackle the topic of entrepreneurship on their campus. Topics will include everything from starting a business while juggling classes to new startups on campus to marketing to college kids. Follow this column on Twitter using the hashtag #CollegeTreps .

You may be the driving force behind a business that has the potential to change the world, but if you want to lead most effectively, sometimes, you have to know when to follow.

I came to this realization only recently, however. After countless hours toiling on papers and assignments that would often keep me up all hours of the night, I recently had something of an epiphany. I thought, how are others achieving greater success? And what if anything could I do to emulate that success? If I spent my time using the strategies proven successful by others, then the resulting product would still be my own creation, just flat-out better. And I possibly could gain some time for sleep.

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